Pool Hours

Pool season is May - October (dependent on weather and lifeguard availability)--the RCH pool is currently closed for the 2023 season. Please note that The Racquet Club of Hattiesburg does not have a "pool only" membership--all of our members pay dues year-round for access to both the pool and tennis courts. Our pool is for members only and their invited guests.

The Racquet Club Pool Rules 

  1. Obey the lifeguards and/or club staff at all times.
  2. Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by a competent adult (must be at least 16 years of age).
  3. Absolutely no running on pool deck, in bathhouse or on walkways.
  4. One at a time on the diving board – when one person’s feet are on the board, the person behind them must have their feet on the concrete! 
  5. Jump/dive straight off the end of the board. You may not jump off to the side, and no flipping is allowed. Only one bounce is allowed on the diving board.  If you do not follow the diving board rules, you will lose your privilege to jump again on this day.
  6. Clear the area below the diving board prior to jumping/diving. The previous diver must reach the ladder or have passed under the pool divider rope before you may dive/jump. It is the diver’s responsibility to ensure a clear area before proceeding.
  7.  Absolutely no diving in shallow water. Diving is allowed only in deep end.
  8.  No flotation devices are allowed on the diving board. 
  9.  No horseplay, pushing or shoving.
  10.  No glass containers allowed in the pool area, including the pavilions.
  11.  No electrical equipment allowed in the pool area.
  12.  No smoking or vaping is allowed in the pool.
  13.  Please use caution when swimming after eating, drinking alcohol or taking medications.
  14.  No sitting or standing on the divider wall between the shallow pool and the regular pool.
  15.  No profanity allowed at the pool by children or adults.
  16.  No animals allowed in the pool area.
  17.  All children not potty trained MUST wear a swim diaper.  Please check swim diapers frequently.    
  18.  Accidents involving feces, vomit or blood will require the pool to close for a minimum of 24 hours.
  19.  Swim Proficiency Test:  Prior to swimming in the deep end, please have your child swim the width of the pool without touching the pool floor.  This test shows the child and the lifeguard his/her swimming ability and confidence level.
  20. ALL MEMBERS MUST sign in their guests. Guests must be accompanied by a member.
  21.  Please introduce your family and guests to the lifeguard. Encourage your children to get to know our lifeguards. They are an invaluable resource for our pool.
  22.  There is a $5 charge per guest per visit. The fees will be added to the member’s monthly statement.
  23. Any concerns, complaints, or suggestions should be directed to the Club Manager.

Notes for parents

· Please remember that our lifeguard staff is hired for safety, and not babysitting. Parents are expected to monitor their children while swimming.
· The club belongs to all members. Please help keep the club in nice shape by cleaning up your area at the pool.
· Let pool management know of any issues you encounter at the pool, and please also let us know when things are going well, too!

Pool Parties

RCH members may schedule pool parties by filling out the pool party request form. Pool parties can be scheduled by members any time the pool is open (based on lifeguard availability and subject to approval by the club manager). Parties can last up to, but not exceed 3 hours. 

Pool party fees will be charged to the account of the hosting member.