Pool Hours

Pool season is May - October (dependent on weather and lifeguard availability)  

The Racquet Club Pool Rules 

· Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by a competent adult. (Amended as of 06/03/2014)
· Absolutely no running on pool deck or walkways.
· One at a time on the diving board – when one person’s feet are on the board, the person
  behind them must have their feet on the concrete!
· Absolutely no diving in shallow water, diving only in deep end.
· No flotation devices on the diving board.
· No horseplay, pushing or shoving.
· No glass containers allowed at the pool.
· No electrical equipment allowed in the pool area.
· No swimming after eating, drinking alcohol, or taking medications.
· No sitting or standing on the wall.
· No profanity allowed at the pool by children or adults.
· All children who are not potty trained MUST wear a swim diaper.
· ALL MEMBERS must sign in and MUST sign in their guests.
· There is a $3 charge per guest, per visit. Fees will be added to the statement.
· A member may request having a pool party for a child–please direct all request to the office.

Notes for parents

· Please remember that our lifeguard staff is hired for safety, and not babysitting. Parents are expected to monitor their children while swimming.
· The club belongs to all members. Please help keep the club in nice shape by cleaning up your area at the pool.
· Let pool management know of any issues you encounter at the pool, and please also let us know when things are going well, too!
· Our pool maintenance crew has a special request:
  NO COTTON in the pool!
This includes cotton t-shirts, and especially cut-off jean shorts. It may seem odd, but a single cotton t-shirt each day in the pool creates fuzz that can cause problems with our filtration system. A clogged filtration system can cause cloudy water and can ultimately result in a CLOSED pool while maintenance corrects the issues. We are not saying you cannot wear swim shirts, just not COTTON!

Pool parties

Members may inquire about and schedule pool parties by contacting The Racquet Club office, pending approval by the board of directors. Pool parties can be scheduled by members any time the pool is open (based on lifeguard availability). Parties can last up to, but not exceed 3 hours. For more information, please see our pool party document (includes sign-in sheet): Pool Parties at The Racquet Club

Pool party fees will be charged to the account of the hosting member. 

*$50 Pool party/covered deck reservation fee

*$75 Lifeguard fee (for all parties, an extra lifeguard will be brought in for safety)

*$3 per non-member party guest